Monday, October 13, 2008

Fatal 4 Way? What is it?

"Sy nak postponed kelas ke pukul 2. Sy ada hal pagi ni."

"Bro, kami ade kelas dgn Sr. Fathin la pukul 2. Mcm mane erk?"
"Smpai pkul brape?"
"Smpai kul 4"
"If that so, we have class at 4 p.m. today class will take less than 2 hours"
"Ok. I will infrom others"
"Ok. Good" a message from lecturer about the class this morning. postponed class again??? huhuhu... (nasib baik x siap2 nk gi kelas lg... kalu x...)

owh. I got benefits from this situation. I went to town and ask about the banner price for this weekend programme. Fatal 4 way. what is it? It is like a sport's day and involved a few IPT in Pahang. The venue is at this beautiful jungle of IIUM... hahahaha.. So, let's support our IIUM's teams.... As head of pub & pro for this programme, I also make the poster... so, please do come on 18/10/08... see you there...


3p4h said...

Salam bro gane nk reg??? on dat day ka? Awat xtreme games xda.. huhuuu

Jepah said...

reg? tu S/U yg settlekan bersame2 PC... uia mmg da ada team... IPT len, diorng akan hntar team... extreme game nk wat kat mane? dlm hutan???