Friday, March 20, 2009

Catering Day....


On 26/3/09, Thursday, 2nd year Dietetics Student will be organizing Catering Day which is one of our task for the subject Catering and Food Service Management. We named our "cafe" as 20'S DELIGHT CAFE. So, don't miss this special day... Remember, this cafe is ONE DAY ONLY!! =)

There is 9 meals and 3 beverages that you can buy at our cafe. They are:

1) SET A COMBO: Fried Rice with Chicken Kebabs + Honeydew Juice. (RM 8.90)
2) SET B COMBO: Banana Crepes with Chocolate sauce + Mango Juice. (RM2.90)
3) Grilled Chicken with Mashed potatoes, sauteed vegetables, black pepper sauce and corn in cob. (RM 9.90)
4) Baked Macaroni with Side Salad. (RM 2.90)
5) Grilled Chicken Tortilla Wrap. (RM 4.50)
6) Conney Beef. (RM 2.50)
7) Crabby Golden Pouch. (RM 2.70)
8) Custard Pudding with Sauce and Mixed Fruits. (RM 2.50)
9) Moist Chocolate Cake. (1 piece: RM 1.50, 1 whole cake: RM 25.00*)
10) Chocolate Shake. (RM 2.50)
11) Tropicana Mango Juice. (RM 1.50)
12) Honeydew Juice. (RM 1.70)
*1 whole cake is by reservation only... =)

Interested? Just come to our cafe at FOYER Kulliyyah of Medicine, KOM on 26/3/09. Datanglah beramai-ramai dan alamilah kelazatan yang sebenar... =)


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